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As of June 2000, the fastest running human is Michael Johnson, the American track and field star who on August 1, 1996 set the world record of running 200 meters in 19.32 seconds. Johnson, by doing this, won an Olympic title in Atlanta, Georgia and broke the longest standing field record of the time; Pietro Mennea's 1979 record of 19.72 seconds. Johnson's record can be calculated to equal 10.35 m/s or 37.267 km/h. Johnson's events also include the 400 meter run which he ran in 43.18 seconds ranking him number one in the world in 1999. This broke the 11-year old record of American Butch Reynolds (43.29s). In this category, Johnson was undefeated throughout his career with forty four consecutive victories. An interesting fact to know is that in the animal kingdom Michael Johnson would be considered relatively slow; the cheetah, one of the world's fastest land animals, can sustain a top speed of about 30 m/s or 100 km/h -- three times the speed Michael Johnson can achieve.

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