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The production of bottled water is monitored by the International Bottled Water Association. It is categorized into five types by the Food and Drug Administration. They are:

Bottled water is becoming one of the more popular beverages in the world in the years of 1998-2001. According to a Coca-Cola businessman, in the year 1999, bottled water started to "steal" the profits from Coca-Cola. As people are becoming more health conscious the amount of bottled water that they consume are increasing. These consumers are mostly women of the ages of 14 to 32 who are concerned about their weight and their appearances. However, the bottled water is still far from reaching its market saturation point. There are many people around the world especially in the underdeveloped countries who still do not consume a sufficient amount of water.

In a 2001 survey, the World Wildlife Fund estimated that people all over the world drink about 89 billion liters of bottled water a year (1 billion liters = 1 gigaliter = 1 Gl). This worth about 22 million US dollars. In the US, Americans drink about 13 billions liters of bottled water. A 2000 report conducted by Yankelovich Partneers of the Rockefeller University discovered that 2.3 eight ounce servings of the total 6.1 servings of water that are consumed daily are bottled water in the US.

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