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Amos Baptiste Acceleration of an elevator, cable
Monica Buklan Length of a fishing rod
Silu Chen Length of a baseball bat
Wilson Chen Length of a lacrosse stick
Jennifer Chung Mass of a cannonball
Tajalla Dar Diameter of a basketball
Taisia Dubinina Diameter of a football (soccer ball)
Marwa Elfar Diameter of a bowling ball
Ricky He Diameter of a baseball
Stephanie Heyligar Area of a ping pong table
Amy Huang Area of a tennis court
Roman Klichinsky Depth of the deepest dive without breathing apparatus
Xuewen Liang Area of a baseball field
Alicia McGeachy Weight of an apple
Tonie McKenzie Power of a searchlight
Shirley Mei Force on a microelectromechanical system (MEMS)
Lina Nguyen Price of platinum
Celeste Qian Speed of the fastest dog
Ilya Reznikov Price of a high school education
Benny Wong Energy in a barrel of petroleum
Vickie Wu Energy consumption of a human
Cherry Xu Dielectric strength of polyethylene
Jeffrey Yep Number of comets
Larry Yundelson Number of cockroaches
Jian Xun Zheng Number of books published

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