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The Physics Factbook
Edited by Glenn Elert -- Written by his students
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acceleration, angular-velocity, area, density, dimension, electric-current, electric-field, electric-voltage, electrical-resistivity, energy, force, frequency, friction, length, magnetic-field, mass, money, number, power, pressure, refraction, restitution, temperature, time, velocity, volume

* entries marked with an asterisk include editor's commentary

  1. Acceleration (Acceleration Due To Gravity)
  1. Acceleration perturbations of daily living
  2. More acceleration perturbations of daily living
  3. Acceleration of a car
  4. Acceleration of a dragster
  5. Acceleration of an elevator, cable
  6. Acceleration of an elevator, hydraulic
  7. Acceleration of a roller coaster
  8. Acceleration of a manned rocket*
  9. Acceleration of blackout in fighter pilots*
  10. Acceleration in a training centrifuge
  11. Acceleration of a medical centrifuge
  12. Acceleration that would deploy car airbags
  13. Acceleration that would break human bones
  14. Acceleration that would kill a human
  15. Acceleration of a cannonball
  16. Acceleration of a bullet
  17. Acceleration due to gravity at New York City
  18. Acceleration due to gravity at Quito, Ecuador
  19. Acceleration due to gravity on the moon
  20. Acceleration due to gravity on Mars
  21. Acceleration due to gravity: Super Mario Brothers

    Angular Velocity (Angular Speed)

  22. Angular speed of the earth
  23. Angular speed of a phonograph record*
  24. Angular speed of a floppy disk
  25. Angular speed of a hard disk drive
  26. Angular speed of a CD
  27. Angular speed of a DVD
  28. Angular speed of a car engine
  29. Angular speed of a truck engine
  30. Angular speed of a jet turbine
  31. Angular speed of a training centrifuge
  32. Angular speed of a medical centrifuge
  33. Angular speed of a kitchen blender

    Area (Surface Area)

  34. Area of a ping pong paddle
  35. Area of a badminton racket
  36. Area of a tennis racket
  37. Area of a ping pong table
  38. Area of a tennis court
  39. Area of a football field (soccer pitch)
  40. Area of a football field (American)
  41. Area of a football field (Canadian)
  42. Area of a baseball field
  43. Area of a newspaper
  44. Area of Manhattan
  45. Area of Brooklyn
  46. Area of New York City
  47. Area of New York State
  48. Area of the polar ice caps
  49. Area of earth's land surface
  50. Area of earth's oceans
  51. Surface area of human skin

    Density (Specific Gravity)

  52. Density of the universe
  53. Density of outer space*
  54. Density of the solar wind
  55. Density of the best laboratory vacuum
  56. Density of air*
  57. Density of ice
  58. Density of water
  59. Density of steam
  60. Density of sea water
  61. Density of blood
  62. Density of milk
  63. Density of beer*
  64. Density of cooking oil
  65. Density of petroleum
  66. Density of soap
  67. Density of bone
  68. Density of wood
  69. Density of a Space Shuttle tile
  70. Density of concrete*
  71. Density of glass
  72. Density of steel
  73. Density of gold
  74. Density of platinum
  75. Density of plutonium*
  76. Density of uranium
  77. Density of osmium
  78. Density of the earth
  79. Density of Saturn
  80. Density of the sun
  81. Density of a white dwarf star
  82. Density of a neutron star

    Dimension (Fractal Dimension)

  83. Fractal dimension of bread
  84. Fractal dimension of broccoli
  85. Fractal dimension of the coast of Maine
  86. Fractal dimension of leaves
  87. Fractal dimension of stock price changes

    Electric Current

  88. Electric current from a 1.5 V battery
  89. Electric current from a car battery
  90. Electric current through a microwave oven
  91. Electric current through a refrigerator
  92. Electric current through an air conditioner
  93. Electric current through an electric stove
  94. Electric current through a home
  95. Electric current through an arc welder [but not a MIG or TIG welder]
  96. Electric current through a MIG welder
  97. Electric current through a TIG welder
  98. Electric current through an arc furnace [used in metallurgy]
  99. Electric current from an electric eel*
  100. Electric current of a stun gun
  101. Electric current used in electroshock therapy
  102. Electric current needed to kill a human
  103. Electric current through an electric chair*
  104. Electric current through a lightning bolt
  105. Electric current through the atmosphere

    Electric Field (Dielectric Strength)

  106. Dielectric strength of air
  107. Dielectric strength of glass, crown
  108. Dielectric strength of glass, pyrex (borosilicate glass)
  109. Dielectric strength of mica
  110. Dielectric strength of silicone
  111. Dielectric strength of transformer oil
  112. Dielectric strength of paper
  113. Dielectric strength of polyethylene
  114. Dielectric strength of polypropylene
  115. Dielectric strength of fused quartz
  116. Dielectric strength of waxed paper
  117. Dielectric strength of air
  118. Electric field inside a typical US home
  119. Electric field near a cellular telephone
  120. Electric field on earth*
  121. Electric field on the sun

    Electric Potential (Electromotive Force, Potential Difference, Voltage)

  122. Voltage of an alkaline battery
  123. Voltage of a nickel metal hydride battery
  124. Voltage of a nickel cadmium battery
  125. Voltage of a car battery
  126. Voltage of a truck battery
  127. Voltage of household electrical outlets
  128. Voltage of a fluorescent tube
  129. Voltage of a neon light
  130. Voltage of a mercury light
  131. Voltage of a sodium vapor light
  132. Voltage of a television picture tube
  133. Voltage of automobile spark plugs
  134. Voltage of an electric eel
  135. Voltage of an electric fence
  136. Voltage of an electron microscope
  137. Voltage of a nerve cell
  138. Voltage of a stun gun
  139. Voltage of electroshock therapy
  140. Voltage used to resuscitate a human heart
  141. Voltage of an electric chair*
  142. Voltage of power transmission lines
  143. Voltage of a lightning bolt

    Electrical Resistivity (Reciprocal of Electrical Conductivity)

  144. Resistivity of aluminum
  145. Resistivity of aluminum oxide
  146. Resistivity of carbon, amorphous
  147. Resistivity of carbon, diamond
  148. Resistivity of carbon, graphite
  149. Resistivity of copper
  150. Resistivity of glass
  151. Resistivity of germanium
  152. Resistivity of gold
  153. Resistivity of iron
  154. Resistivity of mercury
  155. Resistivity of mica
  156. Resistivity of nichrome
  157. Resistivity of quartz
  158. Resistivity of silicon
  159. Resistivity of silver
  160. Resistivity of steel
  161. Resistivity of tungsten
  162. Resistivity of water, distilled
  163. Resistivity of water, seawater
  164. Resistance of a resistor: Blame the students or blame the resistors?

    Energy (Energy Density)

  165. Energy in ATP
  166. Energy of the most extreme cosmic rays
  167. Energy of the most extreme gamma rays
  168. Energy consumption of a human
  169. Energy of a 1.5 V battery
  170. Energy of a car battery
  171. Energy of a truck battery
  172. Energy in a cubic meter of natural gas
  173. Energy in a barrel of petroleum
  174. Energy in a ton of coal
  175. Energy in a ton of TNT
  176. Energy of a nuclear explosion*
  177. Energy consumption of New York City
  178. Energy consumption of China
  179. Energy consumption of the United States
  180. Energy consumption of Africa
  181. Energy consumption of Asia
  182. Energy consumption of Australia
  183. Energy consumption of Europe
  184. Energy consumption of North America
  185. Energy consumption of South America
  186. Energy consumption of the earth
  187. Energy density of hydrogen
  188. Energy density of methane
  189. Energy density of propane
  190. Energy density of butane
  191. Energy density of gasoline
  192. Energy density of kerosene
  193. Energy density of aviation fuel
  194. Energy density of diesel fuel
  195. Energy density of heating oil
  196. Energy density of methanol (wood alcohol)
  197. Energy density of ethanol
  198. Energy density of petroleum
  199. Energy density of natural gas
  200. Energy density of wood
  201. Energy density of coal
  202. Energy density of carbohydrates
  203. Energy density of fats
  204. Energy density of protein

    Force (Tension, Thrust, Weight)

  205. Force on a microelectromechanical system (MEMS)
  206. Force of a windmill slam dunk: Vince Carter
  207. Force of a windmill slam dunk: Dominique Wilkins
  208. Force on a runner's foot*
  209. Force of a bat on a baseball
  210. Force of a tennis racket on a tennis ball
  211. Force of a golf club on a golf ball
  212. Force of a superhero: Superman Returns
  213. Tension of power transmission (high tension) lines
  214. Tension in Spider-Man's webs
  215. Things that weigh a newton
  216. Thrust of a jet engine
  217. Thrust of a space shuttle
  218. Weight of an apple

    Friction (Coefficient of Friction)

  219. Coefficients of friction for aluminum
  220. Coefficients of friction for concrete
  221. Coefficients of friction for glass
  222. Coefficients of friction for graphite
  223. Coefficients of friction for granite
  224. Coefficients of friction for human joints
  225. Coefficients of friction for human skin
  226. Coefficient of friction for skin: The Incredible Hulk
  227. Coefficients of friction for ice
  228. Coefficients of friction for paper
  229. Coefficients of friction for rubber
  230. Coefficients of friction for snow
  231. Coefficients of friction for steel
  232. Coefficients of friction for teflon
  233. Coefficients of friction for wood


  234. Frequency of middle C
  235. Frequency of a beating heart
  236. Frequency of brain waves
  237. Frequency of bee wings
  238. Frequency of fly wings
  239. Frequency of mosquito wings
  240. Frequency of hummingbird wings
  241. Frequency of a cat's purr
  242. Frequency of dolphin sonar
  243. Frequency of bat sonar
  244. Frequency range of human hearing
  245. Frequency range of dog hearing
  246. Frequency used in ultrasonic cleaning
  247. Frequency used in ultrasonic imaging*
  248. Frequency used in navigational sonar
  249. Frequency of ELF transmissions
  250. Frequency of cosmic microwave background
  251. Frequency of a microwave oven*
  252. Frequency of a police radar gun
  253. Frequency of the lowest electromagnetic waves
  254. Frequency of the highest electromagnetic waves

    Length (Altitude, Center of Mass, Depth, Diameter, Distance, Focal Length, Height, Range, Resolution, Size, Thickness, Wavelength)

  255. Altitude of highest permanent human habitation
  256. Altitude of human survivability, maximum [vertical limit]
  257. Altitude of the lowest point on earth
  258. Altitude of the highest point on earth
  259. Altitude of the lowest point on Mars
  260. Altitude of the highest point on Mars
  261. Altitude of the lowest parachute jump
  262. Altitude of the highest parachute jump*
  263. Altitude of a commercial jet airplane
  264. Altitude of a spy plane
  265. Altitude of the highest airplane flight*
  266. Altitude of the highest toy balloon flight
  267. Altitude of the highest manned balloon flight*
  268. Altitude of the highest unmanned balloon flight
  269. Altitude of the ozone layer
  270. Altitude of the space shuttle
  271. Altitude of a geosynchronous/geostationary satellite
  272. Center of mass of a human
  273. Depth of the Grand Canyon
  274. Depth of Valles Marineris
  275. Depth of the deepest mine
  276. Depth of the deepest drilling
  277. Depth of the deepest dive without breathing apparatus
  278. Depth of the deepest dive with breathing apparatus
  279. Depth of the deepest dive in a submarine
  280. Depth of the deepest dive in a bathyscaphe
  281. Depth of the ocean
  282. Depth of the deepest point in the ocean
  283. Diameter of an electron
  284. Diameter of a proton
  285. Diameter of an atom
  286. Diameter of a virus*
  287. Diameter of a bacterium*
  288. Diameter of a yeast
  289. Diameter of a protozoan
  290. Diameter of an optical fiber
  291. Diameter of a human hair
  292. Diameter of a human eye
  293. Diameter of a snowflake*
  294. Diameter of a raindrop*
  295. Diameter of a hailstone
  296. Diameter of a speck of dust
  297. Diameter of a grain of sand
  298. Diameter of a golf ball
  299. Diameter of a tennis ball
  300. Diameter of a baseball
  301. Diameter of a softball
  302. Diameter of a bowling ball
  303. Diameter of a football (soccer ball)
  304. Diameter of a basketball
  305. Diameter of a cannonball
  306. Diameter of an igloo
  307. Diameter of Pluto
  308. Diameter of earth
  309. Diameter of the earth's orbit
  310. Diameter of the moon
  311. Diameter of the moon's orbit
  312. Diameter of the sun
  313. Diameter of the solar system
  314. Diameter of the Milky Way
  315. Diameter of the known universe*
  316. Distance between carbon atoms
  317. Distance of the longest putted golf ball
  318. Distance of the longest driven golf ball*
  319. Distance of the longest batted baseball
  320. Distance of the farthest animal migration
  321. Distance to the nearest star
  322. Distance to the nearest galaxy*
  323. Distance to the most distant observed object*
  324. Focal length of a human eye*
  325. Focal length of eyeglasses
  326. Focal length of a magnifying glass
  327. Focal length of a camera lens
  328. Focal length of binoculars
  329. Focal length of an astronomical telescope
  330. Height of a newborn baby
  331. Height of an adult human
  332. Height of the tallest tree
  333. Height of a pop fly
  334. Height of a domed stadium
  335. Height of the Great Pyramid
  336. Height of the tallest building*
  337. Height of the tallest mountain on earth*
  338. Height of the tallest mountain on Mars
  339. Length of a human DNA molecule*
  340. Length of a human esophagus
  341. Length of a human intestine
  342. Length of the human alimentary canal
  343. Length of a lacrosse stick
  344. Length of a baseball bat
  345. Length of a golf club
  346. Length of a hockey stick
  347. Length of a javelin
  348. Length of a fishing rod
  349. Length of a bowling alley
  350. Length of a football field (American)
  351. Length of a football field (Canadian)
  352. Length of a football field (soccer pitch)
  353. Length of high voltage electric power transmission lines
  354. Length of submarine/transoceanic telecommunications cables
  355. Range of a shotgun pellet
  356. Range of a handgun bullet*
  357. Range of a rifle bullet
  358. Range of an artillery shell
  359. Range of a Scud missile
  360. Range of a cruise missile
  361. Range of a ballistic missile
  362. Resolution of an electron microscope*
  363. Resolution of an optical microscope
  364. Resolution of a spy satellite
  365. Separation between tracks on a CD
  366. Separation between tracks on a DVD
  367. Size of a human: Body proportions
  368. Size of a shoe: More body proportions
  369. Thickness of a cell membrane
  370. Thickness of a cell wall
  371. Thickness of gold leaf
  372. Thickness of a piece of paper
  373. Thickness of a leaf
  374. Thickness of a dollar bill
  375. Thickness of Arctic ice
  376. Thickness of the Greenland ice cap
  377. Thickness of the Antarctic ice cap
  378. Thickness of the ozone layer
  379. Thickness of earth's atmosphere
  380. Thickness of Saturn's rings
  381. Wavelength of the shortest electromagnetic waves
  382. Wavelength of the longest electromagnetic waves
  383. Wavelength of the sun's peak radiation output
  384. Wavelength of maximum human visual sensitivity
  385. Wavelength range of visible light

    Magnetic Field (Magnetic Flux Density, Magnetic Induction)

  386. Magnetic field on earth
  387. Magnetic field on Jupiter
  388. Magnetic field of the Milky Way
  389. Magnetic field inside a typical US home
  390. Magnetic field of a MetroCard
  391. Magnetic field near a cellular telephone
  392. Magnetic field of a soft iron magnet
  393. Magnetic field inside a TV picture tube
  394. Magnetic field of a lifting electromagnet
  395. Magnetic field inside an MRI*
  396. Magnetic field of the strongest magnet*


  397. Mass of the heaviest man-made element*
  398. Mass of a snowflake
  399. Mass of a raindrop
  400. Mass of a hailstone
  401. Mass of a golf ball
  402. Mass of a handball
  403. Mass of a tennis ball
  404. Mass of a billiard ball
  405. Mass of a baseball
  406. Mass of a softball
  407. Mass of a dodge ball
  408. Mass of a football (American)
  409. Mass of a football (soccer ball)
  410. Mass of a bowling ball
  411. Mass of a grain of sand
  412. Mass of a bullet
  413. Mass of a cannonball
  414. Mass of a chemical bomb
  415. Mass of a nuclear bomb or warhead
  416. Mass of a penny
  417. Mass of a physics textbook
  418. Mass of a car
  419. Mass of a train
  420. Mass of an airplane, general aviation
  421. Mass of an airplane, commercial aviation
  422. Mass of a space shuttle
  423. Mass of the World Trade Center
  424. Mass of a virus
  425. Mass of a bacterium
  426. Mass of a dog
  427. Mass of an elephant
  428. Mass of a whale
  429. Mass of a human head
  430. Mass of a human brain
  431. Mass of a human heart
  432. Mass of a human liver
  433. Mass of a newborn baby
  434. Mass of an adult
  435. Mass of all the people on earth
  436. Mass of US rice production
  437. Mass of US corn production
  438. Mass of US wheat production
  439. Mass of US potato production
  440. Mass of US heroin consumption
  441. Mass of US cocaine consumption
  442. Mass of US marijuana production
  443. Mass of US marijuana consumption
  444. Mass of US breakfast cereal consumption
  445. Mass of US salsa consumption
  446. Mass of US ketchup consumption
  447. Mass of US beef production
  448. Mass of US beef consumption
  449. Mass of trash produced by New York City
  450. Mass of the atmosphere
  451. Mass of the biosphere
  452. Mass of the oceans
  453. Mass of the earth
  454. Mass of the moon
  455. Mass of Jupiter
  456. Mass of Pluto
  457. Mass needed to create a star
  458. Mass of the sun
  459. Mass needed to create a neutron star*
  460. Mass needed to create a black hole
  461. Mass of the Milky Way
  462. Mass of the universe

    Money (Cost, Earnings, Income, Price, Salary, Worth)

  463. Cost of living in New York City
  464. Cost of living in the US
  465. Cost of living for the average person on earth
  466. Income of the average New Yorker
  467. Income of the average American
  468. Income of the average person on earth
  469. Price of liquid helium
  470. Price of liquid nitrogen
  471. Price of water
  472. Price of petroleum (crude oil)
  473. Price of diesel fuel
  474. Price of gasoline
  475. Price of kerosene
  476. Price of propane
  477. Price of natural gas
  478. Price of coal
  479. Price of ethanol (grain alcohol)
  480. Price of electric energy
  481. Price of concrete
  482. Price of steel
  483. Price of diamond
  484. Price of copper
  485. Price of silver
  486. Price of gold
  487. Price of platinum
  488. Price of plutonium
  489. Price of uranium
  490. Price of a high school education
  491. Price of a college education
  492. Salary of a professor
  493. Salary of a teacher
  494. Salary of a doctor
  495. Salary of an engineer
  496. Salary of a biologist
  497. Salary of a chemist
  498. Salary of a geologist
  499. Salary of a meteorologist
  500. Salary of a physicist
  501. Salary of a baseball player
  502. Salary of a basketball player
  503. Salary of a football player (American)
  504. Salary of a football player (Canadian)
  505. Salary of a football player (soccer)
  506. Salary of a hockey player
  507. Worth of the average person in New York City
  508. Worth of the average person in the US
  509. Worth of the average person on earth
  510. Worth of the wealthiest person in New York City
  511. Worth of the wealthiest person in the US
  512. Worth of the wealthiest person on earth

    Number (Population)

  513. Number of colors distinguishable by the human eye
  514. Number of frequencies distinguishable by the human ear
  515. Number of neurons in a human brain
  516. Number of hairs on a human head
  517. Number of transistors on an integrated circuit
  518. Number of pages in a science review book
  519. Number of pages in a physics textbook
  520. Number of books published
  521. Number of web pages
  522. Number of nuclear weapons capable nations
  523. Number of nuclear warheads*
  524. Number of artificial satellites
  525. Number of cars*
  526. Number of personal computers in the US
  527. Number of televisions in the US
  528. Number of telephones [US, other country or region, or world]
  529. Number of cellular phones in the US
  530. Number of crimes in New York City
  531. Number of crimes in New York State
  532. Number of crimes in the US
  533. Number of people in a family
  534. Number of billionaires
  535. Number of people living in poverty
  536. Number of people in New York City
  537. Number of people in the US
  538. Number of people on earth
  539. Number of births in New York City
  540. Number of births in the US
  541. Number of births on earth
  542. Number of deaths in New York City
  543. Number of deaths in the US
  544. Number of deaths on earth
  545. Number of obese people in the US
  546. Number of rats in New York City*
  547. Number of pigeons in New York City
  548. Number of ants in the world
  549. Number of cockroaches
  550. Number of beetles
  551. Number of orchids
  552. Number of species
  553. Number of planets
  554. Number of asteroids
  555. Number of comets
  556. Number of extrasolar planets
  557. Number of stars in the Milky Way
  558. Number of galaxies in the universe
  559. Number of words in the English language
  560. Number of languages on earth

    Power (Power Density)

  561. Power of a human brain
  562. Power of a human heart
  563. Power of human lungs
  564. Power of a human
  565. Power of a mutant: Storm from X-Men
  566. Power of a horse [but, not just the definition of the unit horsepower]
  567. Power of a 1.5 V battery
  568. Power of a personal stereo
  569. Power of a car stereo
  570. Power of a home stereo
  571. Power of a toaster
  572. Power of a microwave oven
  573. Power of an electric oven
  574. Power of a refrigerator
  575. Power of an air conditioner
  576. Power of a car battery
  577. Power of a car
  578. Power of a truck
  579. Power of a train*
  580. Power of a cruise ship
  581. Power of an aircraft carrier
  582. Power of a fighter plane
  583. Power of a space shuttle
  584. Power of the first laser
  585. Power of a barcode reader laser
  586. Power of a laser pointer
  587. Power of the strongest laser*
  588. Power of car headlights
  589. Power of a streetlight
  590. Power of a searchlight
  591. Power of a lighthouse
  592. Power of a cell phone transmitter
  593. Power of a cell site transmitter
  594. Power of a radio/television broadcast transmitter
  595. Power of a commercial power plant
  596. Power of a nuclear reactor
  597. Power consumption of a home
  598. Power consumption of New York City
  599. Power consumption of New York State
  600. Power consumption of the United States
  601. Power consumption of China
  602. Power consumption of Africa
  603. Power consumption of Asia
  604. Power consumption of Australia
  605. Power consumption of Europe
  606. Power consumption of North America
  607. Power consumption of South America
  608. Power consumption of the earth
  609. Power of the sun*
  610. Power of a quasar
  611. Power density of solar radiation

    Pressure (Compression Strength)

  612. Compression strength of bone and brick: Sin City
  613. Compression strength of bone
  614. Compression strength of brick
  615. Compression strength of concrete
  616. Compression strength of granite
  617. Compression strength of marble
  618. Compression strength of plaster (blue board, drywall, gypsum board, etc.)
  619. Compression strength of porcelain
  620. Compression strength of steel
  621. Compression strength of wood
  622. Pressure in outer space*
  623. Pressure of the best laboratory vacuum
  624. Pressure of the threshold of human hearing
  625. Pressure to rupture an eardrum
  626. Pressure in a human eye
  627. Pressure in the human circulatory system (blood pressure)*
  628. Pressure in the human circulatory system: Is gender a factor?
  629. Pressure in human lungs
  630. Pressure on earth, highest
  631. Pressure on earth, lowest
  632. Pressure on the surface of Venus
  633. Pressure on the surface of Mars
  634. Pressure on the surface of Titan
  635. Pressure in a basketball
  636. Pressure in a bicycle tire
  637. Pressure in a car tire
  638. Pressure in a truck tire
  639. Pressure in a tractor tire
  640. Pressure in a can of soda
  641. Pressure in a champagne bottle
  642. Pressure in a pressure cooker
  643. Pressure in an espresso machine
  644. Pressure used to manufacture puffed cereal
  645. Pressure in a fire extinguisher
  646. Pressure under high heels
  647. Pressure at the deepest point in the Great Lakes
  648. Pressure at the deepest point in the oceans
  649. Pressure under the Antarctic ice cap
  650. Pressure used to create artificial diamonds
  651. Pressure of the most extreme laboratory experiment
  652. Pressure at the center of the earth*
  653. Pressure at the center of Jupiter
  654. Pressure at the center of the sun

    Refraction (Index of Refraction, Refractive Index)

  655. Index of refraction of air
  656. Index of refraction of diamond
  657. Index of refraction of ethanol [ethyl alcohol]
  658. Index of refraction of glass, crown
  659. Index of refraction of glass, flint
  660. Index of refraction of glycerol
  661. Index of refraction of Lucite
  662. Index of refraction of quartz
  663. Index of refraction of ruby and sapphire
  664. Index of refraction of sodium chloride (table salt)
  665. Index of refraction of vegetable oil
  666. Index of refraction of water
  667. Index of refraction of ice
  668. Index of refraction of various household liquids
  669. Index of refraction of cubic zirconia

    Restitution (Coefficient of Restitution)

  670. Coefficients of restitution


  671. Temperature of the coldest laboratory experiment
  672. Temperature of the hottest laboratory experiment*
  673. Temperature on earth
  674. Temperature on earth, coldest*
  675. Temperature on earth, hottest*
  676. Temperature of the ocean
  677. Temperature of a healthy human (body temperature)*
  678. Temperature of a healthy human (skin temperature)
  679. Temperature of a healthy cow
  680. Temperature of a healthy dog
  681. Temperature of an American bath
  682. Temperature of a Japanese bath (お風呂)
  683. Temperature of a sauna
  684. Temperature at which coffee is brewed
  685. Temperature at which tea is brewed and 茶酿造的温度
  686. Temperature at which beer is brewed
  687. Temperature at which beer is fermented
  688. Temperature of steam in an espresso machine
  689. Temperature at which beef is cooked
  690. Temperature at which chicken is cooked
  691. Temperature at which fish is cooked
  692. Temperature at which lamb is cooked
  693. Temperature at which pork is cooked
  694. Temperature of steam used for heating
  695. Temperature of steam in a turbine
  696. Temperature of a home oven
  697. Temperature of a pizza oven*
  698. Temperature of a soldering iron*
  699. Temperature of an arc welder [but not a MIG or TIG welder]
  700. Temperature of a MIG welder
  701. Temperature of a TIG welder
  702. Temperature of an oxyacetylene torch
  703. Temperature of a blast furnace
  704. Temperature of an arc furnace
  705. Temperature of a "red hot" object
  706. Temperature of a "white hot" object
  707. Temperature at the center of the earth
  708. Temperature of a candle flame
  709. Temperature of a blue flame*
  710. Temperature of an incandescent light bulb*
  711. Temperature of a halogen light bulb
  712. Temperature of a lightning bolt*
  713. Temperature of a nuclear explosion*
  714. Temperature of the cosmic microwave background radiation*
  715. Temperature on the surface of Mercury*
  716. Temperature on the surface of Venus*
  717. Temperature on the surface of Mars*
  718. Temperature on the surface of Pluto
  719. Temperature on the surface of the sun
  720. Temperature at the center of the sun
  721. Temperature of the hottest star*
  722. Temperature of the sun's corona
  723. Curie temperature of iron
  724. Curie temperature of cobalt
  725. Curie temperature of nickel
  726. Curie temperature of gadolinium
  727. Highest critical temperature superconductor
  728. Ignition temperature of paper
  729. Ignition temperature of gasoline
  730. Ignition temperature of diesel fuel
  731. Melting point of butter
  732. Melting point of cocoa butter
  733. Melting point of glass

    Time (Age, Duration, Half-life, Period)

  734. Age of Homo sapiens
  735. Age of life on earth
  736. Age of the earth
  737. Age of the universe*
  738. Duration of the shortest laser pulse
  739. Duration of a sound bite
  740. Duration of the longest space flight
  741. Fingertip reaction time
  742. Half-life of carbon-14
  743. Half-life of plutonium-239
  744. How long do the subway doors stay open?
  745. Period between heartbeats
  746. Period of the human menstrual cycle
  747. Period of a pulsar
  748. Period of rotation of the earth
  749. Period of the moon's orbit
  750. Period of rotation of the sun
  751. Period of rotation of Venus
  752. Period of rotation of Pluto
  753. Period of the earth's orbit
  754. Period of the sun's orbit around the galaxy (cosmic year)
  755. Time spent driving to work
  756. Time spent at work
  757. Time spent sleeping

    Velocity (Speed)

  758. Speed of a bacterium
  759. Speed of a protozoan
  760. Speed of a sperm cell*
  761. Speed of a snail*
  762. Speed of a sloth*
  763. Speed of a tortoise or turtle*
  764. Speed of a rabbit or hare
  765. Speed of a tuna
  766. Speed of a shark
  767. Speed of a dolphin
  768. Speed of a whale
  769. Speed of a cheetah*
  770. Speed of the fastest dog
  771. Speed of the fastest horse
  772. Speed of the fastest bird
  773. Speed of a Screaming Slingshot Monkey
  774. Speed of a human running: Is footwear a factor?
  775. Speed of a Retired Basketball Player: Charles Barkley and Dick Bavetta
  776. Speed of a football player: Madden NFL 2006
  777. Speed of superhero: Smallville
  778. Speed of the fastest human, swimming*
  779. Speed of the fastest human, walking
  780. Speed of the fastest human, running*
  781. Speed of the fastest human, skating*
  782. Speed of the fastest human, cycling
  783. Speed of the fastest human, sledding
  784. Speed of the fastest human, skiing
  785. Speed of the fastest pitched baseball*
  786. Speed of the fastest pitched softball
  787. Speed of the fastest served tennis ball
  788. Speed of the fastest jai alai ball
  789. Speed of a dodge ball
  790. Speed of a golf ball
  791. Speed of a rogue bludger: Harry Potter
  792. Speed of a bowling ball
  793. Speed of the fastest badminton shuttlecock
  794. Speed of a spear: Troy
  795. Speed of a skydiver (terminal velocity)*
  796. Speed of the continental plates*
  797. Speed of seismic waves
  798. Speed of a tsunami
  799. Speed of a river
  800. Speed of ocean currents
  801. Speed of a falling snowflake
  802. Speed of a falling raindrop
  803. Speed of a falling hailstone
  804. Speed of falling Saruman: Lord of the Rings
  805. Speed of the winds in a hurricane
  806. Speed of the winds in a tornado*
  807. Speed of nerve impulses
  808. Speed of sound in air
  809. Speed of sound in water
  810. Speed of sound through the earth
  811. Speed of video tape
  812. Speed of audio tape
  813. Speed of a phonograph record
  814. Speed of a CD
  815. Speed of a DVD
  816. Speed of a subway
  817. Speed of a subway: Batman Begins
  818. Speed of a commercial jet airplane
  819. Speed of a torpedo*
  820. Speed of a BB
  821. Speed of a paintball
  822. Speed of a bullet
  823. Speed of a cannonball
  824. Speed of an artillery shell
  825. Speed of a missile
  826. Speed of the fastest ship*
  827. Speed of the fastest train*
  828. Speed of the fastest motorcycle
  829. Speed of the fastest street legal car*
  830. Speed of a stock car
  831. Speed of a formula one car
  832. Speed of a dragster or funny car
  833. Speed of the fastest experimental car
  834. Speed of the fastest airplane*
  835. Speed needed to escape the earth (escape velocity)
  836. Speed of a space shuttle
  837. Speed of the Voyager space probes*
  838. Speed of the earth in orbit
  839. Speed of the sun
  840. Speed of the solar wind
  841. Speed of the Milky Way in space*
  842. Speed of light
  843. Speed of a car: Bad Boys II
  844. Speed of a car: The Blues Brothers
  845. Speed of a car: C'était un Rendezvous
  846. Speed of a car: The French Connection
  847. Speed of a car: Honda Civic Si commercial
  848. Speed of a car: Le Mans (Steve McQueen 1971)
  849. Speed of a car: Road Trip
  850. Speed of a car: The Run
  851. Speed of a baseball: Bird Baseball
  852. Speed of a cliff diver: Huge Cliff Jump
  853. Speed of a cliff diver: Iraqi Olympic Diving
  854. Speed of a minibike: Jackass Number Two
  855. Speed of a motorcycle: Loading a Bike
  856. Speed of a snowmobile: Snow Jump


  857. Volume of a drop of water
  858. Volume of a human heart
  859. Volume of a human brain
  860. Volume of a human bladder
  861. Volume of a human stomach
  862. Volume of human lungs
  863. Volume of blood in a human*
  864. Volume of water consumed by New York City
  865. Volume of water consumed by the US
  866. Volume of bottled water consumption
  867. Volume of US soft drink consumption
  868. Volume of [US or world] milk consumption
  869. Volume of [US, British, or world] gin consumption
  870. Volume of vodka consumption
  871. Volume of US whiskey consumption
  872. Volume of US rum consumption
  873. Volume of world beer consumption
  874. Volume of a swimming pool
  875. Volume of water in New York City reservoirs
  876. Volume of water in US reservoirs
  877. Volume of New York City's annual precipitation*
  878. Volume of Seattle's annual precipitation
  879. Volume of earth's annual precipitation
  880. Volume of earth's lakes
  881. Volume of earth's rivers*
  882. Volume of earth's glaciers
  883. Volume of earth's polar ice caps*
  884. Volume of earth's groundwater
  885. Volume of earth's oceans*
  886. Volume of US petroleum production
  887. Volume of US petroleum consumption
  888. Volume of US petroleum reserves*
  889. Volume of world petroleum production
  890. Volume of world petroleum reserves

* entries marked with an asterisk include editor's commentary

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