Get Bent
Coast to coast by recumbent bicycle

New York NY

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Film + processing79.08

Went to Todd's after work to print a banner for the trailer. Almost got the printer to work, but no luck. Time got too tight so I had to leave without it. Raced home. Packed. Turned off the electricity. Caught a cab. The driver was pretty talkative. "The TLC is a bunch of Nazis," etc. Got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Then hell broke loose. The plane to Chicago was due to arrive 2 hours late which meant I would have missed my connection to Portland. The stupid thing was that the ticket agent told me everything was on time. At the gate, we were told the plane never left DC. Grounded by bad weather. How could it have been on time when it was scheduled to be in the air? Tried to reschedule, but it was too late in the day. There were no more flights. The ticket agent smelled me out as a local. When I complained how expensive it would be to take a cab home she said, "Take the bus." Thankfully the luggage department was able to store the trailer overnight. Got home at 11:00 PM and had to turn the power back on.