Get Bent
Coast to coast by recumbent bicycle

New York NY

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Expenses($ US)
Calling card23.25
Calling card36.75
Film + processing39.07

Went to see two movies (Pi and Saving Private Ryan). Hurt my back sitting in the movie theater seats. Seems ironic that after sitting down for 3600 miles I should injure myself sitting down without going anywhere. Did the laundry. Some of my cotton T-shirts have developed blob-shaped faded regions on them. Looks like the mixture of sweat and sunscreen reacted with the sun to form a mild bleach solution. Washed and maintained the recumbent and the trailer. Saw a guy in the Tour de France use soap and water and a toilet brush to clean his drive train so I had to try it. A fresh coat of lubrication and the deraileur is like brand new. Cleaned the apartment after I noticed it was coated with a fine layer of dust. Digested the backlog of mail into piles of bills, magazines, and junk. Processed the remaining rolls of film. Transferred the travelogue and photos from the borrowed IBM laptop to my desktop Macintosh. Did a page count. Printing the entire log would consume about 50 pages of paper. Started the process of converting everything into a web site of some sort. The URL will be Expect to hear more on this within a month. I plan to include photographs, maps, and an expense record. I want to know what all of this cost (outside of purchasing the recumbent and trailer). Did many other non-cycling-related things that aren't worth writing about.