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The English alphabet

This is a recitation that a primary student taught me. One student plays the part of a learned professor who is then challenged by another student to recite a proverb ("parable" in Krio) for each letter of the alphabet. Those familiar with public transports in West Africa will recognize many of these sayings. This work is public domain.

My name is Professor G.G.M. Magzona. I came from the University of Kokorioko with my following demental: Ph.D., B.Sc., LL.B., B.A., etc., etc. So ladies and gentlemen, is there anybody to challenge me?

Yes, I can challenge you.

  1. All around the world there is no place like home.
  2. Big Belly is a sign of nobility.
  3. Cut your coat according to your size.
  4. Don't underestimate the power of a woman.
  5. Everybody who boasts of money is foolish.
  6. Friends today, enemies tomorrow.
  7. God made all things, but man is the highest.
  8. Heaven is the best place.
  9. I don't care until your trouble meets me.
  10. Justice more have done.
  11. King of might and splendor.
  12. Learning is better than silver and gold.
  13. Man propose, God dispose.
  14. No condition is permanent.
  15. Opportunity comes but once.
  16. Prevention is better than cure.
  17. Queen of might and splendor.
  18. Remember enjoy.
  19. Sampson was the strongest man, but he was defeated by a woman.
  20. To be a man is not easy.
  21. United Kingdom.
  22. Veronica wipe the face of Jesus.
  23. Women are always there to defeat men.
  24. Xmas comes but once a year.
  25. You never eat a cake and cut it bad.
  26. Zim, zim, zim, zim, zim, Dr. Zuzu is the last letter of the alphabet.