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Sierra Leone

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Sounds of Salone: Field recordings 1987–1990

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Traditional musical selections from the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. Gbondokali ceremonies (Limba) and Tegbe performances (Temne). Each mp3 file is about three minutes in length. Snippets of the Tegbe recordings were used as incidental music in the radio programme Sierra Leone: Celebration, War and Healing on Afropop Worldwide.

Gbondokali in Kamabayo

A ceremony of the Limba people. Inspirational music for the young men in the midst of their initiation into the Gbangbani men's society. Recorded 1988 in the villages of Kamabayo and Kamakwie.

Visiting tegbe players

Tegbe is a performance of the Temne people. Recorded 1988 and 1989 in Kamakwie, Sela Limba chiefdom. These performers came from the Sanda Loko cheifdom to the south.

Tegbe players of Songo

A rare rainy season performance. Recorded 6 August 1987 (Pray Day) in Songo.