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Temperature at the Center of the Earth

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No one can really explore the earths interior. Scientist obtain information about the characteristics of the earth's interior by studying earthquake records. Earthquake waves help scientists figure out the distances to each of the section of the earth's interior. The Earth can be divided into three large sections: the mantle, inner core, and outer core. The inner core is at the center of the earth. The pressure and temperature of the earth increases as one moves closer to the center. First comes the mantle, this is a layer that is bellow the crust of the earth. This is said to go down 2,900 kilometers; it's temperature is about 870 degrees Celsius. The outer core has a very high temperature and ranges from about 4,400 degrees Celsius to about 6,100 degrees Celsius. The outer core beginnings where the mantle stops and it extends further down to the center 2,250 kilometers. The inner core is about 6,400 kilometers below the earths surface. the temperature at the inner core of the earth is at the high is about 7,000 degrees Celsius. But compared with the sun the earth's temperature at the center of the earth is only about the outer reign of the sun.

Phillip Chan -- 1999