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Volume of US Soft Drink Consumption

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The Soft Drink Bottling Industry -- 1998. JT Research LLC. "As of 1998, according to the National Soft Drink Association, Americans consumed 54 gallons of soft drinks per person per year, and soft drinks accounted for 27% of their total beverage consumption." 51 Gl
"Pouring Rights: marketing empty calories." Public Health Reports 2000. Vol. 115. Oxford University Press, 2000: 308-319. "Americans drink 13.15 billion gallons of carbonated drinks every year." 51 Gl
"Soft Drink." The World Book Encyclopedia. USA: Field Enterprises, 1960: Vol. 16, "S". "In 1900, the country consumed an annual average of about 12 bottles a person. In the late 1950s the consumption was almost 190 bottles per person." 0.003 Gl
0.064 Gl
The US Beverage Market Sales and Volume Totals: 1997-1998, 1998-1999. BeverageWorld.Com. "Gallon Volume (billions)
1997 14.67
1998 15.61
1999 15.25"
55–59 Gl
Growing Up Together: The Soft Drink Industry And America. National Soft Drink Association. "From those experimental beginnings, soft drinks have emerged as America's favorite refreshment: more popular than coffee, tea and juice combined. In fact, one of every four beverages consumed in America today is a soft drink, averaging out to over 56 gallons of soft drinks per year for every man, woman and child." 53 Gl

The mass manufacturing of soft drinks began in the 1830s but it has been evolving for over 2000 years. Mineral waters had always been suspected to bring forth benefits but it wasn't until scientists were able to produce an artificial mineral water that people began to drink it. After scientists discovered that mineral water contained carbon dioxide it could easily be produced in labs. The soft drink industry started in pharmacies as a seasonal beverage usually selling during the summer. The soft drink was thought of as both an act of chemistry and a refreshment. The "Crown Cap" was introduced in 1892 and completely revolutionized the soft drink industry. Soft drinks could now be bottled and stored without the releasing of its carbon dioxide. Ever since then, the soft drink industry has grown enormously in America and around the world acquiring names such as "Soda" and "Pop".

Americans drink about 50 billion liters (10 billion gallons) of soft drinks per year. This number is extremely large and still growing rapidly. Soft drink sales hold a strong place in the beverage market. Many acclaim the ever-growing sales of soft drinks to "pop culture"and advertising. Soft drinks are also blamed for the growing obesity rate in America. Nevertheless the soft drink is still Americas favorite beverage and will probably remain for years to come.

Christiaan Rule -- 2001

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