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Altitude of the Highest Point on Earth

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Mount Everest is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. Not surprisingly the highest point on the earth's surface is located there on the border of Nepal and China. Although the exact height of the mountain have been disputed by surveyors for many years the most recent measurement revealed the mountain to stand at 8850 meters, nearly 5.5 miles.The adventure that led to this result took place in May 1999. Bill Crouse and his crew set an expedition to find the height of this point. Six months later they returned and claimed to have found the exact measurement of the highest point on earth's surface.

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the Himalayan mountain range. People were unaware that it was the tallest mountain in the world until 1856. George Everest of India made the discovery. Plate tectonics show that the height of Everest is still increasing at a steady rate of approximately one centimeter (0.394 inch) per year.

Mount Everest is over 8000 m above sea level. Winds travel at 161 kilometers per hour; the windchill is often 96 degrees Celsius below zero. At such high altitudes as Everest, less oxygen is able to enter the lungs, making it difficult to breathe. The amount of oxygen usable for breathing is determined by pressure in the atmosphere. The greater the atmospheric pressure the closer the oxygen molecules. At high altitudes, atmospheric pressure decreases, and air molecules are further separated. Therefore there is less oxygen that is able to enter the lungs.

Though most people have recognized the highest point at Mount Everest, Mount Chimborazo located near the city of Riobamba, Ecuador may also be considered as the highest point on earth. Although it is not as well known as Mount Everest, standing at 6310 meters it is also quite remarkable. Mount Chimborazo can be regarded as the highest point on earth because the planet is widest at the equator. The summit of Mount Chimborazo is then 3219 m further from the center of the earth than Mount Everest, making it what some consider the highest point. On the summit of Mount Chimborazo people will weigh less than any other location on earth.

As the highest point on the earth's surface, Everest has become the ultimate challenge for any determined high altitude climber. A group led by George Mallory first attempted it in 1921, however the summit was not reached until 1953 when Sir Edmand Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay of New Zealand survived the challenging task. Edward Whymper of Britain was the first man to successfully reach the summit of Mount Chimborazo in 1880.

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