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Range of a Shotgun Pellet

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Burrard, Major Sir Gerald. The Modern Shotgun. Southampton: Ashford, 1985: 187. "Here more success has been obtained, and increase in penetration of approximately 14 and 58 per cent. at 50 yards have definitely been obtained by seemingly opposite methods, namely "high" and "low" velocity loading." 45 m
"Shotgun." Encyclopedia Britannica. 1974-1997. "Effective range of a modern weapon is about 50 yards (45 m)." 45 m
Burch, Monte. Shotgunner's Guide. Tulsa, OK: Winchester, 1980: 24. "Shot pattern effective at long range up to 50 to 55 yards, but too small and too dense at short range." 45-50 m
Canfield, Bruce. US Infantry Weapons of the First World War. Lincoln, RI: Andrew Mowbray, 2000: 135. "After testing the shotguns which are in sue by the Scout Platoon, report that at a range of 100 yards the gun is not effective. At a range of 50 yards the gun has a dispersion of about 8 feet and will disable a man. At close range it is very effective and will kill." 45 m

A shotgun, also known as a scattergun, is a long gun or shoulder-fired weapon that fires shot shells instead of cartridges tipped with bullets. It is distinguished by its smooth bore, or barrel that doesn't have any rifling cut into it. They are built to fire low pressure shells. The walls of shotgun barrels are much thinner than rifle barrels.

Most shotguns produced are pump action and rarely bolt action. Most shotguns are used for hunting animals. Most importantly, shotguns cannot blow up a whole building. Many movies and TV shows, depicts a scene whereas criminals uses shotguns to blow things up.

Range is the distance between a projectile weapon and its target. The effective range of a typical shotgun is about 45 m.

Diana Yang -- 2003