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Energy Consumption of Africa

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Table E1 World Primary Energy Consumption. Energy Information Administration Home Page (EIA), 14 March 2003 "The amount of energy consumed by Africa in 1992 was 9.92 quadrillion BTU." 1.05 × 1019 J

In the continent of Africa, energy is being used for all its daily activities. Because Africa is primarily composed of third world developing countries, it is the lowest energy consumer of all the continents. Because of factors such as population growth and advances in technology, energy consumption varies from year to year. According to my data, in the 1990s, the energy consumption remained around 1.20 × 1019 J, but by 2001 it had increased substantially to to 4.94 × 1020 J. Africa will one day pull itself out of the rank of lowest energy consumer.

Energy is a precious resource in the world, but the supply is not endless. Every day as the world continues to turn, our energy supply is diminishing.The problem with the energy we use is that it is not recyclable. Once we use it up, it cannot be used again. What will happen when our energy source runs out? In order to replace the energy we used up, new sources are being investigated and old sources are being reexamined.

Winnie Huang -- 2003