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Power of a Car Stereo

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Gibbs, Steve. Mobile Entertainment Magazine, Car Stereo Review. Feb. -Mar. 2000. "The car of the future… a traditional 12volt system will be hard pressed to supply enough juice to run all of these gadgets. For that reason, automotive engineers are looking at new types of electrical systems that may supply up to 50volts of power." 50 V [sic]
Berger, Ivan. "Driving; Body by Fisher, Sound by Bose." New York Times. 25 April 2003. "Typically they have more and better speakers than factory-installed car systems have customarily had and are driven by more, and more powerful, amplifiers (up to 1,100 watts in the Linn system in the Vanquish from Aston Martin)." < 1,100 W

Many people have stereos in their cars but don't know a lot about them. A stereo, short for stereophonic sound system, is an audio reproduction system where independent tracks from each of two speakers. Signals produced by the system have a specific level and phase relationship so that when the sound is played back it will sound as much like the original as possible.

In a stereo system the sound waves make the microphone diaphragm move back and forth and this causes the sound waves to become an electrical signal. A recorder then encodes the electrical signal on a magnetic tape or optical disc as a pattern. The pattern is reinterpreted by the player as an electrical signal that makes the speaker cone move back and forth, converting the electrical signal back into a sound wave. In order for the speaker cone to move the amplifier produces a more powerful signal than the player alone produces.

Power is the amount of energy used by a device in a certain amount of time. Power is measured in watts = joule/second. There are a few formulas to measure the power, P = VI (multiply voltage and current), P = I2R (multiply current squared and resistance), P = V2/R (divide voltage squared by resistance). The power of a car stereo varies with different amplifiers and speaker systems. A car stereo amplifier can produce from 10 to 1000 watts of electrical power.

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