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Energy Density of Methane

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Methane: -892
55.7 MJ/kg
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Energy Density by Weight (kWh/kg)
Methane: 13.9
50 MJ/kg
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50 MJ/kg
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−212.7 kcal/mol
55.6 MJ/kg
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55.6 MJ/kg

Energy density is defined as the amount of energy per mass. In the International Metric Units (SI), energy density is measured in MJ/kg or MJ/L. Methane is composed of CH4. The energy density of methane is 50–55.5 MJ/kg.

Methane is a natural gas fuel. Today, methane provides approximately 30% of America's energy. Methane is mostly used in homes, the gas used to cook or for heating system. Methane is one of the fuels that will not run out. It is so commonly found on the earth. There is actually so much on earth that it can be dangerous one day.

Methane is not a reliable fuel to be used by all matters. Methane can be easily combusted, and under a large amount it can cause huge explosions. A little spark or under exposure to sunlight, it can explode. If methane replaces oil, transporting it would mean a fortune to do so. If it leaks into the atmosphere, global warming that can be stronger than ever. Maintenance must be done at all time to keep it from leaking.

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