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Temperature at Which Beer is Fermented

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What is alcohol fermentation. The Household Cyclopedia of General Information. 1881. "Temperature is important. The most favorable temperature is between 68 and 77 Fahr. At a low temperature fermentation is exceedingly slow. Bavarian or lager beer is brewed between 32 and 46 ½ Fahr. A boiling heat instantly stops fermentation, by killing the ferment." 20–25 °C
How is beer brewed. Holsten (UK) Ltd. "Lager fermentation takes place at a temperature of 6C, compared with 14-20C for other beers." 14–20 °C
Palmer, John. Record Keeping. How to Brew. Chapter 2.3. 1999. "Fermenter is sitting at 70°F and started bubbling within 12 hours." 21 °C
CAMRA Fact Sheet No. 1: How Beer is brewed. 23 May 2004. "British ales are brewed with the ale yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which ferments at medium temperatures (65-72 degrees F) and forms a thick foamy crust on top of the beer." 18–22 °C
Johnston, Mark. The Effect of Fermentation Temperature on Beer. Malt Advocate. 1995. "When fermenting your homebrew, always endeavor to keep ales between 60F and 65F. This can be difficult in the summer months, but basements of houses will usually stay sufficiently cool. Lagers should be fermented at temperatures in the 50s. Storage and lagering should be done in the 35F to 50F range after fermentation is complete." 15–18 °C

Beer is a beverage considered common to the "over 21"crowd. It is served with food, socializing, or just while relaxing. The hard work of making beer is often gone unrecognized. Some of the most important factors when brewing beer is sanitation (sterilization), timing, and most important, temperature.

With so many different brands of beer available, each brand has it's own uniqueness. Temperature affects the taste of beer. Increased normal temperatures creates "spicy"beers, but an excessive increase of temperature can cause poisonous alcohol's.

Temperature is closely monitored during the process called fermentation. This is the breakdown of sugars by yeast, it occurs after brewing, when the liquid is cooled and yeast added. The yeast "digest"the sugars in the liquid and this is what creates alcohol.

The desirable temperature while fermenting beer is at 21 degrees C. As far back as the 16th century in British ale Breweries, to present day worldwide, temperature devices exist to be precise.

Though to many people, beer is just beer, there is a lot of detailed work behind fermenting and the creation of it. Without an accurate temperature while fermenting, who knows what you will be drinking.

Gina John -- 2004