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New York City Water Bill. December 2003: 2. "Effective of 7/1/03, you are charged $1.52 per (HCF) equivalent to 748 gallons of water. Property connected to the city sewer system receives a sewer charge of 159%." $0.000537 per liter
Compare the Cost of Drinking Water and Bottled Water. About Pur Water Filters 2004.
Bottled water is expensive
PUR water filters are convenient and less expensive
Home delivery $1.50 to $1.75 per gallon
Food Store $0.85 to $1.00 per gallon
Water Store $0.25 to $0.75 per gallon
Vending Machine $0.25 to $0.35 per gallon
PUR Select $0.23 cents per gallon
PUR Plus $0.24 cents per gallon
Pur Ultimate $0.26 cents per gallon
PUR Countertop $0.27 cents per gallon
PUR Under Sink $0.27 cents per gallon
$0.17–$0.46 per liter
Economics of Bottled Water: Comparison of bottled water costs with the purchase of a water filtration system. Drinking Water Information and Web Resources - Water Contaminants, Health Effects, Water Purification. "Figure 1 shows the cost of drinking filtered water for the first year after purchasing a $330 filtration system. The price is amortized across 12 months to give a monthly water cost of $27.50 (rounded to $28 in the chart). The replaceable filter cartridge will remove contaminants from up to 750 gallons of water, an average of 14 gallons per week  for a year (60 gallons per month). The cost of bottled water obviously depends on the provider and on the quantity purchased. Figure 1 demonstrates that if your family currently spends $28 or more per month on bottled water, a high quality filtration system can be purchased for no more than you now spend on bottled water for one year.
"The real savings, however, are evident the second year (and continue every year thereafter) when the filter element is replaced (Figure 2). The filter cost ($50) amortized across 12 months is only $4.17 per month. The cost of water, therefore, is just $4.17 for an average of 60 gallons of water per month (that's nearly 14 gallons per week — costing as little as $0.07 per gallon). On the other hand, the costs of bottled water will, at best, remain constant each year.
$0.000108 per liter
Bingenheimer, Peter. Water Allocation: Jakarta. Sustainable Development Case Studies. Prof. Tom Tietenberg. Colby College. 1996. "Though the effectiveness of this policy, like water prices, varied from place to place, the survey addressed here was performed in the area of the city with the worst groundwater — North Jakarta. It was found that only 10% of the sample households bought water from resellers. The price of water was $2.62/m3 for vendor customers, $1.26/m3 for standpipe customers, $1.08/m3 for household resales customers, and $0.18/m3 for connected households." $0.00262–$0.00018 per liter
Pittsburgh, Penn. leads the country in price of water. US Water News Online. (February 2000). A range of prices for 220,00, gallons for the cities researched in the report are as follows:
  • Pittsburgh, Penn. $873.55
  • Houston, Texas $500.44
  • Hartford, Conn. $403.71
  • Denver, Colo. $302.81
  • Salt Lake City, Utah $154.89
$0.00105–$0.000186 per liter

"All life depends on water, thus the water quality is very important to everyone." Water is one of the most important things in life. People use water for many different things. They use it for cleaning, to swim in a pool, and the most importantly, to drink.

The price in tap water is much cheaper than bottled water. According to a water bill from 2003,"Effective 7/1/03, you are charged $1.52 per hundred cubic feet, which is equivalent to 2830 liters of water." A one liter bottle of water costs an average of $1.00. There is a huge difference in price between the tap water and the bottled water.

Bottled water is more expensive because it is gotten from nature where people are not near the mountains. Instead of buying bottled water, you can buy a water filter. This cleans the water you drink and it is about the same if not, better than the bottled water. You would be able to save a lot of money by doing this.

Joseph Sabatelle -- 2004