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Electric Current of a Stun Gun

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What Is a Stun Gun? J&L Self Defense Products. 2003. "A stun gun is a legal electrical self-defense device that puts out a high voltage and low amperage shock. To put things into perspective, one amp will kill a person. Our stun guns deliver 3 to 4 milliamps… However, most stun guns on the market are only 1 to 2 milliamps. 3–4 mA
D. Davis; K. Branch; N.B. Egen; F.E. Russell; K. Gerrish; P.S. Auerbach. The effect of an electrical current on snake venom toxicity. Journal of Wilderness Medicine. Vol. 3, No. 1: 48–53. "An electric current (twenty 11 A 7000 V spikes s−1 for 90 s) from a commercial stun gun was applied directly to a rattlesnake venom solution in an electrolysis cell with 2 electrode compartments and a central compartment, in order to evaluate the effect that high voltage electroshock might have on the lethality of the venom." 11 A
Stun Gun Information/How Does a Stun Gun Work. Lee Enterprises. 2004. "Since it has a fairly high voltage, the charge will pass through heavy clothing and skin. But at around 3 milliamps, the charge is not intense enough to damage the attacker's body unless it is applied for extended periods of time." 3 mA

A stun gun, which is also known as a taser (Thomas A Swift's Electronic Rifle), is used as a self-defense weapon. Stun guns do not do any personal damage; however, they can leave a person dazed for as long as fifteen minutes. The only variation of the taser is they shoot barbs, which carry an electric current through the connected wire, which can travel considerable distances.

Stun guns function as a high voltage, and low current mechanism. This is what causes the sudden "stun."Electric current is the flow of charged particles. Our bodies' nervous system runs on electric charges and, consequently, when that extra amount of current is added to the body, although substantially low, it still causes the stun. The high voltage allows the current to enter the body, which also cause convulsions and spasms. This is caused by the high voltage, low current charge. A charge to a person for only a little over three seconds can cause him/her to stay on the ground for up to fifteen minutes.

Stun guns prove to be very a very effective weapon to use, as they are widely used by police officers, army personnel, and people across the world (certain restrictions apply for US states). Also, the fact that they do not kill people contributes to the safety of the weapon if accidents occur. If stun guns were used universally instead of batons in the police force, effectiveness would remain, but the brutality factor would drastically drop.

The variation of stun guns offered at this time is also very remarkable, as they come in the form of cell phone replicas, as well as stun batons. Stun guns are no doubt a well regarded self defense item.

Luke Workoff -- 2004