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Volume of Vodka Consumption

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Plotkin, Robert. Adams Market Research Alcohol Beverage Industry. "category dominates the spirits landscape, with vodka consumption now accounting for 26.6% of all distilled spirits sold in the US, at more than 44 million 9-liter cases. While interest in other spirits categories are on the rise, vodka clearly remains America's favorite spirit." 396,000,000 liters
McDonald, Mark. Alcohol abuse puts Russia's future in a haze. Detroit Free Press. June 2, 2005. "Per capita consumption in 1950 was the equivalent of 0.8 gallons of pure alcohol per year. By 1985, it had soared to 3.75 gallons per person. In recent years it's climbed again, to 4 gallons per person, an all-time high for modern Russia." 2,073,200,000 liters
Keenlyside, Barbara, Russia, vodka and politics. CNN. 2001. "But annual consumption of vodka in the nation of 146 million is 4 billion liters a year, according to Time magazine." 4,000,000,000 liters
Bootleg vodka output still rife. 18 October 2004. "According to retail sales statistics, Russians consume 200 million decilitres of vodka a year, about 4 billion bottles and enough to fill a cargo train stretching from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk." 2,000,000 liters
Lemon, Richard. The Talk of the Town. The New Yorker. 24 September 1955. "In 1949, we were still selling only a hundred and twenty thousand cases. This year, we expect to sell one million two hundred thousand [9 liter cases]." 10,800,000 liters
(US Smirnoff 1955)

Do you drink any alcoholic beverages, like beer, rum, wine or vodka? Did you ever consider how many people are drinking these alcoholic beverages take for example vodka? Well here are some interesting and shocking facts about vodka. Vodka is an alcoholic beverage that is made from barley, corn, or rye. It is also sometimes made from potatoes. Vodka varies from 80 to 100 proof. It is colorless and it has no taste or smell. Therefore it is usually mixed with orange juice, tomato juice and other beverages.

Many people around the world drink vodka. Therefore the volume of consumption will vary. The annual consumption of vodka in Russia which has a population of approximately 146 million is 4 billion liters a year. According the article on the Russian Health Ministry estimated consumption in 1996 was 18 liters of pure alcohol per adult which is equivalent of 38 liters of 100 proof vodka.In 2002 the vodka consumption was 12.5 liters per person. However, according to retail sales statistics Russians consume 200 million deciliters of vodka a year at 4 billion bottles. In Sweden 59,811 liters of Vodka were sold in 1999. In 1930, the federal government estimated about 800 million gallons (3 billion liter) of alcoholic beverages being produced. In 1955 the United States sold approximately one million two thousand cases of vodka(this accounts to only one company). In 1985 the volume of vodka consumption increased to 3.75 gallons per person. Vodka has recently been the most popular spirit consumed around the world.

ZoéAnn Gilroy -- 2005