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Mayer, Tim. Weblog entry. 8 August 2005. Our Blog is Growing Up And So Has Our Index. 29 May 2007. "While we typically don't disclose size (since we've always said that size is only one dimension of the quality of a search engine), for those who are curious this update includes just over 19.2 billion web documents, 1.6 billion images, and over 50 million audio and video files." 19,200,000,000 pages
World Wide Web is 320 million and growing."BBC News Sci/Tech. 3 April 1998. BBC News. 8 June 2007. "Their comparative study of the performance of search engines has led them to the conclusion that the Web is now at least 320 million pages wide." 320,000,000 pages
Internet. How much information? 2000. Regents of the University of California. 8 June 2007. "The "surface" Web consists of approximately 2.5 billion documents [1 and 5], up from 1 billion pages at the beginning of the year [3], with a rate of growth of 7.3 million pages per day [1]." 1,000,000,000 pages
Maran, Ruth, and Paul Whitehead. "Web Pages." Internet and World Wide Web Simplified, 3rd ed. Foster City: IDG Books Worldwide, 1999. "The second method of used random sampling of OIP addresses and gave an estimate of 800 million pages as the size of the Web in February 1999." 800,000,000 pages
Miller, Colleen. web sites: number of pages. NEC Research, IDC. 6 June 2007. 8,034,000,000 pages

A web page is a single, usually a hypertext document on the World Wide Web. A web page can be accessed through a web browser and its information is usually html or xhtml format. It can be categorized as a web document. The Internet was created in the late 1960's by the US defense department in order to link military computers together. This soon evolved allowing universities and schools to also use this technology and connect with each other. In the 1980's most of the people using the Internet were scientists. However, in the early 1990's the Internet was open to anyone with a modem and a computer. The first website was created in 1991 by European laboratory for particle physics. The goal was to allow researchers around the world to access information easily.

Today there are millions of websites on the Internet. Each website may have thousand or so web pages linked with each other. Although it may be impossible to figure out the number of web pages at this present time, the last realistic estimate was about 19.2 billion web pages. This was posted by Yahoo, a major search engine. Yahoo is able to an analyze and index billions of web pages in the Internet. However Yahoo and Google has not publicized the exact size of its index since August 2005.

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