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Number of Crimes in New York City

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Safest US cities. City Mayors Archive, 9 June 2004. "New York City recorded more violent crimes than any other US city, but it is actually one of the safest big cities in the country. City Mayors used data from the FBI and the US Census Bureau to devise league tables of America's safest big cities. New York City recorded 750 violent crimes per 100,000 during 2003." 750 crimes per 100,000 people
Rank City Population Total no
of violent crimes
Crimes per 100,000 citizens
16 New York City 8,008,278 60,045 750
750 crimes per 100,000 people
Index Crimes Reported to police. Criminal Justice, 11 May 2007. "New York City Index Crime: 205,522 (2006)" 205,522 (total) or 2569 crimes per 100,000 people
News From Blue Room., 18 Dec 2006. "For the first six months of 2006, the total crime index in New York City was 1187.6 crimes per 100,000 people. Out of the 232 cities with a population of 100,000 or more that reported to the FBI, New York City ranked 220th between Daly City, California and Edison Township New Jersey. Out of the nation's 25 largest cities, New York had the lowest Index Crime rate per 100,000 people." 1187 crimes per 100,000 people.
New York Crimes Rates. The Disaster Center, 2006. [see table 1 below] 2554 crimes per 100,000 people

New York City has one of the lowest crime rates among other large cities in the United States despite being one of the most populous cities in America. Since the 1990's crime rates in New York City has experienced a continuing decrease. Compared to the total number of crimes in 1997: 356,000, the total number of crimes in year 2006: 205,522 has decreased by 42.4%.

In its history, many groups of organized crimes associated with New York City, which originated from mobsters in the early 20th century. Later on, Different gangs were found in New York City such as the "black spades" in the 70's and the "Bloods" and "Crips" that first arrived in the year 1993 from Los Angeles. There was also a crack cocaine epidemic that occurred in New York City during the period from the 1980's to 1990's. Although New York has reported the most violent crimes in the United States, compared to its huge population it actually has a very low crime rate. There is also a decrease in the number of crimes in the pass 15 years; New York is slowly but steadily improving its image.

Zhao Liang -- 2007

Table 1: New York Crime Index Rates Per 100,000 Inhabitants
Year Population Index Violent Property Murder Forcible
Robbery Aggravated
Burglary Larceny
2005 19,254,630 2,554.3 445.8 2,108.5 4.5 18.9 182.7 239.7 351.3 1,569.6 185.6