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Size of a Shoe: More Body Proportions

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The purpose of this experiment was to determine if the relationship between the height of an individual and the size of their shoes is linear.


The foot is a biological structure that enables animals to move. It is logical to believe that the taller an individual is, the bigger their feet should be. The length of the foot should balance the height of the individual to enable them to move easily. Limb growth in humans is genetically balanced. The length of a human foot from the heel to the tip of the big toe is exactly the same length as the forearm from the inside of the elbow and the bend of the wrist.


  1. Using a meter stick, measure the height of 34 students.
  2. Ask the same 34 students for their shoe sizes.
  3. Converted the measurement for their shoe sizes using the American Shoe Sizing System.
  4. Graphed Height Vs. Shoe Sizes for both males and females.



According to the graph, there is a 59% correlation between the height of a person and their shoe sizes. This correlation is relatively weak but it does show a relationship between height and shoe sizes.

Sources of Error

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