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Range of a Rifle Bullet

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(hypothetical maximum)
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Maximum range 2,653 meters
Maximum effective range 460 meters"
2,653 m
460 m
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"The effective range of the AK47 is between 150 m to 250 M." 150 to 250 m

The M16 rifle has influenced many other designs of weapon. It has been used by armies in the US as well as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, and Britain. The version used currently is the M16A2 often referred to as "The Black Rifle". This rifle has been used in areas of desert heat and Arctic conditions and has still functioned reliably. The M16 has been regarded as a useful weapon and has been very popular. Today the only agencies in the US that do not use the M16 are the police, FBI, and Drug Enforcement Agency.

The range of a rifle bullet varies from 274 m to 880 M. The range is equal to the horizontal velocity multiplied by the time of flight. The range varies depending upon the angle that it is shot from. The maximum range occurs when the angle of elevation is to 45 degrees.

The Russian AK47 rifle has a range of only 150 m to 250 M. This is a much smaller range than that of the M16. The muzzle velocity is also much faster on the M16.

Jessica Worrell -- 2003