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Number of Personal Computers in the US

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The Americans. 2003: 1969. "In 2000, about 60 percent of US households owned at least one personal computer. What's more, nearly every business in the nation, from hospitals to accounting firms and airports has implemented computer systems to handle many of its daily operations." 168.6 million
"Computers". Collier's Encyclopedia. Vol. 7, 1992: 114, 129. "The personal computer became available in 1975. By 1983 there were about 2 million personal computers in the United States and the number is expected to double yearly." 2,000,000
"Figures assembled by the International Data Corporation shows that, as of the end of 1990, 10,500 large general-purpose and scientific computer systems had been installed in the United States, with a total current value of $57 billion. More than 146,000 medium systems were with a current value of $23 billion, and nearly 2,8000,000 small systems worth $21 billion. Almost 54 million personal computers were installed with a total value of 92 billion (In 1981, by way of comparison there were fewer than 2 million personal computers in use in the United States." 54 million
Rawlins, Gregory. Slaves of the Machine, Windfall Software, 1997. "Nobody had computers to play with. Nothing happened." 0
(before 1945)
How many personal computers are there in the United States? The Old Farmer's Almanac. "According to the Computer Industry Almanac Web site, at the end of the year 2000, there were 168.84 million computers in use. The projection for the end of 2001 is 182.24 million." 68.4 million

What would we do without computers? They are among the most popular electronic devices used. In the earlier days general computers used to be as large as a regular size classroom. With the introduction of the personal computer, having one became easier for anybody.

The first personal computer was marketed in 1977 by Apple. At this time people were able to buy computers because they were affordable. By the year 1983, there were approximately two million personal computers made in the United States. These computers were harder to use and weren't as well developed as the ones we have today. But on the other hand, they were able to do basic computations and provide a form of entertainment for the household.

The word personal computer is not used that often today. When was the last time you heard a customer say "yes I would like to purchase a personal computer"and the sales representative answered "we have one personal computer on sale, would you like to learn more about this personal computer?"Americans tend to shorten everything so they also shortened personal computer to PC. The word is widely used, but what exactly is a personal computer? A PC is a microprocessor that is used by and individual. It consists of a monitor, CPU (central processing unit), a keyboard and printer along with a mouse. The main characteristic of a computer is the speed and ability to repeat a given command.

Over the years the PC has revolutionized society. It is not just a form of entertainment it is a way of life. Many people revolved their life around the computer and its use has now been included in school curricula. There are many software programs that are made accessible for public and personal used. The Internet was responsible for the increase in the amount of personal computer sales. It enables anyone to obtain any type of information and "talk"to anyone. According to The Americans, an American history textbook, in the year 2000 alone about 60% of US households owned at least one personal computer, that's about 168.4 million according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. With so many uses for the personal computer, it is not a surprise that it is ahead of it's time.

Diane Ennefils -- 2004

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