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Speed of a Car: Bad Boys II

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Overview of Movie

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Narcotics cops Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) head up a task force investigating the flow of ecstasy into Miami. Their search leads to a dangerous kingpin, whose plan to control the city's drug traffic has touched off an underground war.

Overview of Scene

In Chapter 7 (Macarthur Causeway Chase) the drug dealers are chasing an undercover FBI agent in the black van because she has the drugs they want. The Miami cops are chasing the drug dealers. It starts in the intersection of S.W. 8th Street and 1st Street, they drive onto Macarthur Causeway and end at Port of Miami. During the chase, the drug dealers begin to throw cars off of a car transporter at the cop car that Mike and Marcus are in. At the end of the scene they realize that the girl driving the black van is Sydney (Gabrielle Union), Marcus' sister. She is an undercover FBI agent who was trying to catch the drug dealers but the cops mess up her chances.


In this scene we are trying to find the average speed at which the cop car is driving. We will determine this by using the distance and the time from the intersection of SW 8th Street and 1st Street to the Port of Miami.


Trial 1

The distance (11,507 m) and time (248.88 s) was determined from the initial point at the intersection of S.W. 8th Street and 1st Street to where the cops stops on Macarthur Causeway at Bridge Rd.

v = x/t
 = (11,507 m)/(248.88 s)
v = 46.2 m/s (166 km/h, 103 mph)

Trial 2

The distance (7,805 m) and time (36.05s) from Bridge Road to the final point at Port of Miami.

v = x/t
v = (7805 m)/(360.5 s)
v = 21.7 m/s (78.1 km/h, 48.5 mph)


MapQuest was used to find the distance and a stop watch was used to find the time between these three points. The speed was then determined by the formula v = x/t. The average velocity of the cop car during the chase is 31.7 m/s (114 km/h, 71.3 mph)

Monique Anthony, Kristina Arthurs, Nadia Christopher, Whitney Daniel -- 2005

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